Our New Video: How to Find Work in Germany with Employland

Find Work in Germany

Are you planning your next career step in Germany? Find work in Germany with us! In our new video we will tell you how.

If you have ever thought of moving to Germany to broaden your career, now is your time! Germany is an attractive country for international workers and professionals, and is experiencing a skills shortage. Additionally, German immigration laws have been simplified.

Once you’ve found a job, our qualified attorneys can be requested to take care of your residence and employment permits and – if necessary – getting your qualifications recognized. Qualifications may include university degrees or professional training certifications.

How to Find Work in Germany with us:


Interested in the experiences of expats in Germany?
Find interviews and guest posts in our blog:

Life in Germany – An Indian student shares his experience
In this interview, Shyam M. Ramaprasad from Mysore, India, who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management shares what he likes about life in Germany and how he prepped for it when he was still in India.

Interview: A successful Brazilian takes his moves to Germany to broaden his career
Number one country in the world for Logistics, great opportunities to network with people from all over the world and a drive to improvements in business culture: This is what motivated Vinicius Andriolo (32) from Vitória/ES (Brazil) to undertake his next career step in Germany. Find out more in this interview!

How I got an open-ended contract: My job in Germany – A Brazilian’s Story
Darlan left his home in Brazil to come to Hamburg and start his job in a German company in the E-commerce division. He shares his experiences with us. Guest Commentary.

An Indian engineer in Germany: Being a specialist and culture-mediator
It has been more than a decade since Shyam Machiraju left India to pursue a Masters in Germany. Today he plays an important role as engineer and project manager in an international company: He not only serves as an engineering specialist for the company, but also as a culture-mediator.

Surprises in Germany: An American’s Findings
Naked greetings in the sauna, a bakery on every corner, and – ha – German buses do run late! Megan Lester Portland, Oregon (USA), shares her experiences from spending her time as an English teaching assistant with the Fulbright program in Germany.

I knew I’d like it: My life in Germany – A Brazilian’s Story
In this guest commentary, Darlan tells us what he did after reaching Germany, how he found a place to live and made friends, and if he plans on staying in Germany forever.

Series: Prepping for life & work in Germany
People who want to live and work in Germany have to deal with many challenges: The German language, mentally preparing for a different culture and work environment, managing bureaucratic procedures concerning visas and work permits, and the long to-do list after arriving in Germany. That’s tough and can hardly be done without help and plenty of research. We introduce websites to you that help you prepare for and start your life in Germany!

We introduce the website “40% German” and its author to you: In our interview, English and intercultural trainer Nic Houghton (33) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, tells us why he started the blog, how its blog got its name and what he finds quirky about Germany.

We introduce the website “The German Way & More Language and Culture in Austria, Germany and Switzerland” whose blog was recognized as the best expat blog in Germany at the 2017 iCompareFX.com Expat Blog Awards. In our interview, founder Hyde Flippo tells us why the Germanway.com is unique, what characteristics distinguish the life of expats in Germany and what are the most common themes for people who want to move to Germany.

We introduce the website “Liveworkgermany” to you which holds valuable information on various aspects of life and work in Germany written in a relaxed and clear style. In our interview, blogger James Meads tells us what his blog is about, what difficulties expats in Germany face, and he also shares some of his own expat-experiences in Germany.

Also in our blog: After finding a job in Germany, finding an apartment appears at the top of your to-do list. Finding an apartment isn’t always easy, especially in Germany’s large cities. We have tips to make your apartment search less stressful and more successful.

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