Christmas in Germany: Glühwein, Goose & Gifts in Your Shoes

Christmas in Germany

The delicious scents of roasting chestnuts, mulled wine spiced with cinnamon, and wintery pastries slowly fill the streets of cities across the country – it must be Christmas in Germany! Shortly before December begins, the German Christmas season starts up with, festivals and other traditions, but most importantly, special German Christmas dishes, treats, and drinks […]

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Expat Guest Commentary: Comparing Brazil and German Work Culture

Flexibility vs. rigid structures, tardiness being impolite vs. polite, and a “yes or no” culture vs. a “yes and” culture: You’ll know the greatest differences between German and Brazilian work culture after having read this post, and understand why Germany’s economy continues to evolve and thrive. A Guest Commentary by Vinicius Andriolo (32) from Vitória/ES […]

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Why Germany? What’s good, bad, weird? An interview with a Venezualian

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After working in the aircraft industry in Germany, Oriana Menabue (27) from Caracas, Venezuela is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Hamburg. How did she find her way to Germany? What’s good, bad, and just plain weird about her new home? She shares this and more in an interview with Employland. […]

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