Guest Commentary: How I successfully led a multicultural team

Lead multicultural team

„First: Motivate! Second: Read the environment! Third: Find common ground!“: In his Guest Commentary Vinicius Andriolo (32) from Vitória/ES (Brazil) shares his experiences about leading a multicultural team in a German company in New Zealand. Andriolo holds a Bachelor in International Relations, another in Law , an EMBA in Logistics Management and the same in Project […]


Interview: A successful Brazilian takes his moves to Germany to broaden his career

career Germany study

Number one country in the world for Logistics, great opportunities to network with people from all over the world and a drive to improvements in business culture: This is what motivated Vinicius Andriolo (32) from Vitória/ES (Brazil) to undertake his next career step in Germany. Find out more in this interview! Andriolo’s list of steps for […]


Finding an Apartment in Germany is a nightmare – A Venezuelan’s Experiences

find apartment germany hamburg

After working in the aircraft industry in Hamburg, Germany, Oriana Menabue (28) from Caracas, Venezuela is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Kühne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg. After having shared her experiences with Germany in a recent Employland-Blog post, Oriana now sits down with Employland to […]


Mein Leben in Deutschland: Ein Indonesier berichtet

PPI Jerman Indonesier Studierende

Deutsche und Asiaten, beide sind zurückhaltend – Indonesier sollten den ersten Schritt nicht scheuen. Brot? Na ja, wenn dann nur mit Gourmet-Käse. Aber Musik, Literatur und Naturliebe in Deutschland sind genial: Imanuel Hakiki (24) aus Jakarta, Indonesien, hat kürzlich sein Studium der Umwelttechnik an der Hochschule Esslingen absolviert und ist Präsident der indonesischen Studentenvereinigung PPI […]


Why Germany? What’s good, bad, weird? An interview with a Venezualian

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After working in the aircraft industry in Germany, Oriana Menabue (27) from Caracas, Venezuela is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Hamburg. How did she find her way to Germany? What’s good, bad, and just plain weird about her new home? She shares this and more in an interview with Employland. […]