Expat Guest Commentary: Comparing Brazil and German Work Culture

Flexibility vs. rigid structures, tardiness being impolite vs. polite, and a “yes or no” culture vs. a “yes and” culture: You’ll know the greatest differences between German and Brazilian work culture after having read this post, and understand why Germany’s economy continues to evolve and thrive. A Guest Commentary by Vinicius Andriolo (32) from Vitória/ES […]

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Interview: A successful Brazilian takes his moves to Germany to broaden his career

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Number one country in the world for Logistics, great opportunities to network with people from all over the world and a drive to improvements in business culture: This is what motivated Vinicius Andriolo (32) from Vitória/ES (Brazil) to undertake his next career step in Germany. Find out more in this interview! Andriolo’s list of steps for […]

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